Fantastic Careers In Accounting To Consider!

Are you an account graduate or do you already work as an accountant? If you are, here are some things you probably don’t know about the more interesting job opportunities in accounting.

You don’t have to be stuck in an office going through financial statements and number crunching, that’s just a stereotype.

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Here are some accounting careers that are far from boring!

1) Sports Accountant- Are you a major sports fan? Why not work in entertainment accounting? Sports accounting gives the opportunity to with university teams and professional sports franchises, and you will be helping as an accountant by helping …

The Right Career Path

Choosing a career or a job doesn’t mean that you have to apply for a job that holds the title of your degree.


Your interests, strengths, experience and willingness to take the time to map out what job fills out these categories is the ideal way to go about finding the right job that will make you happy and successful.

I don’t know what I want- Knowing what you want and what you are able to do are two good things to start with when you are trying to figure out what jobs you will be applying for. Make a …

New to the office jungle? Settle in with these golden tips!

First day at your new job wrecking your nerves? Don’t know what to wear or how to act around new colleagues? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.

office jungle

Take a deep breath, release and smile. You’ve come to the right article! Whether you are the new employee or you just want to brush up on your office etiquette, these tips will guide you to becoming more comfortable at work.

Office Culture- Believe it or not, coming early to work has a big impact on your work and office life. When I say early, I don’t mean 3 minutes early or …

Matching Your Skills and Resume To A Job

Applying for a job sounds simple, but there might be some steps you are missing in order to get the job, or the right job altogether. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your career or if you are looking to find a new job or field. If the skills listed on your resume don’t match up to the job you are applying for, then you won’t appear to be qualified for the job.

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The good news is that you can sculpt your resume to show why you are the perfect candidate for the job by using …

Guest Post: Your Ultimate Guide To Leadership

In a competitive world, fresh graduates are lost amongst the sea of innumerous degree holders. From convincing an employer why you are better than the best to getting your next promotion, this article will guide you on how to climb the ladder of corporate leadership.

Communication and Presentation skills
At every stage in one’s professional career, they are required to deliver presentations to an audience, be it to their subordinates or seniors. Having good ideas is great, but being able to communicate and present them as ideas to the group effectively and concisely is a skill.

One formula, which goes …