Guest Post: Your Ultimate Guide To Leadership

In a competitive world, fresh graduates are lost amongst the sea of innumerous degree holders. From convincing an employer why you are better than the best to getting your next promotion, this article will guide you on how to climb the ladder of corporate leadership.

Communication and Presentation skills
At every stage in one’s professional career, they are required to deliver presentations to an audience, be it to their subordinates or seniors. Having good ideas is great, but being able to communicate and present them as ideas to the group effectively and concisely is a skill.

One formula, which goes …

Email Etiquette: What your email says about you

STOP! Whether you are about to send an email for an internship or job interview, make sure you’re practicing email etiquette 101. Sending the right message is what gets you noticed and a well-written email is what is going to set you apart from all the other candidates.


Consider your e-mail as a reflection of yourself; you want your best side to be seen. You’re not emailing your best friend or a relative; you’re emailing someone who may help you land an internship or even your dream job!

Here’s what you should know about email etiquette:

Subject Line: NEVER leave …

6 Jobs For Introverts!

Let’s face it. A lot of us don’t mind working with other people or in groups once in a while, but some of us just prefer to work alone. Introverts need time to work alone and build up the required energy to work and interact with others, which is why choosing the right job also falls into the social category of as part of your search.

lady at desk4

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert or a lone wolf, and there are plenty of jobs that don’t require you to interact with your other colleagues.

Being an introvert isn’t bad, and the …

The Right Career Path

Choosing a career or a job doesn’t mean that you have to apply for a job that holds the title of your degree.

fork-in-road (1)

Your interests, strengths, experience and willingness to take the time to map out what job or the right career path that fills out these categories is the ideal way to go about finding the right job that will make you happy.

I don’t know what I want- Knowing what you want and what you can offer are two good things to start with when you are trying to figure out what jobs you will be applying for. …

How To Shake Hands; The Do’s and Don’ts of Hand Shaking

Shaking hands in the globally accepted form of greeting someone and closing a deal, but not all handshakes are born the same.


Learning these simple steps, and keeping them in mind whenever you are about to shake hands with someone will seal your image as confident and professional. Whether you are going to a job interview, greeting work employees or are ending the meeting, a handshake is the proper way to leave a final and positive impression.

Here are the different types of handshakes to avoid when greeting or finishing a meeting.

The Sweat Grip- Shaking hands with someone who …