Guest Post: Emotional Intelligence and Employability

Suppose you are an employer, you have short listed a couple of candidates for a job and you come across one person that you really like, Straight A’s, attractive extracurricular activities, decent amount of work experience and basically an all-rounder. You decide to call this candidate for an interview, all goes well and he gets employed. A week passes. Your other employees are starting to complain about this candidate being too controlling, inconsiderate about others feelings, rude and ruining the harmony of the office environment.


Things like these happen all the time. People might have great qualifications but that is …

Guest Blog: My First Model United Nations Experience

A little into my second year of university, I decided to experiment a little and join the MUN club at my university. For those of you who don’t know what MUN is; it is a simulation of what goes down at the actual United Nations, where people from different cultures and nationalities (students mostly) come together to discuss and possibly find a solution for the hot topics of concern in the world today.

UNAfter attending a few mock sessions in university, I attended my very first conference this February. If I say so honestly, I went in there expecting it …

Guest Blog: 4 Big Budget-blowers and How to Avoid Them

Do you often find yourself falling short of money in the middle of the month? While many may skip analyzing expenses and blindly plan out a budget, it is necessary to first recognize your vices before planning out your expenses for the month. Here are some of the biggest budget blowers that can easily be avoided with some mindfulness:

Coffee money comic

1. Eating out: College is the time to socialise and visit new places suggested by your friends – but within limits. If you are a culinary aficionado, make sure you allocate enough amount for food expenses and balance out your budget.

2. Shopping during Sale:

Be Career Fair Prepapred!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost at career fairs: large rooms, overwhelming amount of people, lots of people talking all at once… You get the picture!

connecticum . de

That’s why you should have a plan when going in… It makes things so much easier!

Why are you going?
Are you going to the fair to find out about full-time opportunities? Want to learn how and when to apply for a certain company?  Are you hoping to overcome your fear of approaching employers, and improve your business social skills?  Or are you confused about your career options, and wanting to explore …

Guest Blog: Why YOU Need a To-Do-List

There is a lot of work pending. You forgot about a meeting you had to attend. You forgot to send out an important mail you were supposed to. You failed to turn in a homework assignment. You missed the deadline for an application. You stayed up late because you forgot about a quiz. Your responsibilities seem to be flooding you. You want to pull your hair out in frustration. There just isn’t enough time! And all you are left with is regret. Everything is mayhem and you just want to get out of this never ending cycle of work. Sound …