One Month since the InternsME Talent Hunt

6:48AM; the year was 2004. I had just boarded the school bus when a boy two years my senior told me that I had something called the ‘gift of the gab.’ He explained to me what it meant. Although I was slightly taken aback I was also very pleased. While I certainly knew I was chatty, I did not realize that the ability to be a good, witty conversationalist would later prove to be one of my greatest skills.

 Fast-forward a decade to the 15th of December 2014. Would I be able to impress potential employers at the first …


It’s a rainy, windy morning today; in short a perfect day to sleep in. You’re in the middle of a dream involving you, Harvey Specter and the Empire State building… and your alarm starts ringing mid- dream.

Alarms suck. There’s no denying that these devices were put on earth for the soul purpose of crushing our soul and ruining our dreams. So is there anything that makes these sleep stealing minions of the Anti- Christ easier to bear? Here’s the good news: Yes, there are! Let’s take a look at a few things you can do that’ll make mornings a …


Interviews are stressful; period. Whether you’re a student attending your first job interview or a senior manager interviewing for the CEO’s position, you are going to worry before the meeting. Some of us spend all our time rehearsing our answers to potential questions until we’re satisfied, while others go the opposite way and pretend that the interview isn’t happening. The latter does calm you down quite a bit… that is, until you’re on your way to the interview. That’s when panic sets in along with regret and you realize you have butterflies in your stomach.

So, for all you daredevils …

You’re an Intern? Now what?

Congratulations! You aced the interview and the manager has handed you, your offer letter. You’re an intern! It’s a wonderful moment when you step off the elevator and into the busy office, isn’t it? Great! Now what?

Despite all the intern jokes out there, interns aren’t hired to run errands, do coffee runs and pick up the boss’s dry cleaning. An internship is a chance for us to test the waters, see if we can turn that passion into something worthwhile. It is a chance to learn.

Considering the short duration of an internship and the amount of tasks we’re …



Nobody is perfect.

I am not. You’re not. Neither is your interviewer. We’ve all missed deadlines at least once; scored a low grade and we’ve all made that one cringe-worthy mistake we’ll remember forever. So is every interviewer a sadist that likes to ask you about your flaws just to watch you squirm?

It’s not that they’re setting you up to fail the interview. What they want to know is how you’ve achieved, performed or behaved in a situation despite your flaws.

Let’s have a quick look at the 3 most dreaded flaws interviewers like to point out and …