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InternsME Campus Ambassador

Deadline: 09 Nov 2016

  • Dubai
  • Human Resources / Recruiting
  • Marketing/ PR/ Comm.
  • Based on performance
  • Flexible
  • Internship

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About Us

InternsME is the UAE's first Video CV Employment network connecting students and fresh graduates to hundreds of top employers across the region for internships, traineeships, freelance, temp and full-time jobs. Our goal is to increase graduate employment rates across MENA, starting with the UAE. Apply today to get involved!

About this Role

Introducing our brand new Campus Ambassador Program! This is a flexible role aimed at University students who'd like to get more involved with InternsME whilst still studying.

As an InternsME Campus Ambassador, you will play a vital role in all of our student engagement activities with your university.

You will act as:

  • A Liaison between the University faculty, student body and InternsME.
  • Our official representative in your University.
  • The point of contact for all student queries about InternsME.
  • An InternsME rep to inform students about our organisation and helping them register.
  • Organise and schedule video resume shoots for fellow students in your university.
  • Our rep for events, exhibitions and programs held at your university.

What you'll learn/gain from this experience

You will gain invaluable experience, great opportunities to network, excellent references and some fantastic incentives along the way. 


Benefits include:

  •  Stipends, amazing incentives and fantastic perks
  •  Leadership role in your university
  •  Invaluable work experience
  •  Training and certification
  •  Excellent opportunities to Network
  •  Attend and get involved in major events (including our Talent Hunt events)
  •  A letter of recommendation based on your achievements
  • Monthly ambassador meetings @ InternsME HQ
  •  Guaranteed employment after graduation for top InternsME Ambassadors

Requirements to Apply

  • Are you confident, outgoing and socially active?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with fellow students?
  • Are you a leader?
  • Then join the InternsME Campus Ambassador Program.  We are looking for committed and ambitious students to take on leadership roles within the university.
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